At GRAiNEY PICTURES every client is considered part of our team. The Dairy, our Los Angeles HQ, is designed to accommodate production and post production as needed. We provide Production Services for film, TV, commercial & digital clients alike, with production space (offices, conference room & bullpen), insurance certs, location scouting, permitting, veteran crews and full post facilities. The Dairy itself is an historical building located in the heart of Marina del Rey's industrial district.

Our team includes script & copywriters, show runners & producers, directors & cinematographers, camera operators & aerial technicians, editors & motion GRFX designers, composers & audio post mixers.  We are fully equipped for HD & film shoots of all sizes, with cameras, audio and multiple FCP & Adobe bays. We work with studios, agencies, brands & networks alike to deliver high quality and original content.

Canon DSLR, RED, Alexa ARRI, Genesis, IMAX, Phantom HD / 65 & Remote Chopper Aerials
4x Edit Bays, AE stations, The Sounds Music Library & Audio Post

REDBULL - On Any Sunday 2 Premiere (Blue Tang); URBAN DECAY (Guggenheim + Girvin); SONY PLAYSTATION – Gran Turismo 6 (Industry Films); LINCOLN – Beck “Hello Again” (Hudson Rouge/Radical); GOOGLE – This Exquisite Forest (Punk & Butler); DR PEPPER – One of a Kind (Deutsch / Radical); LIVING PROOF - Hair IQ (Guggenheim + Girvin); plus GAP, BANANA REPUBLIC, OLD NAVY, ATHLETA, JUICY, KATE SOMERVILLE, LUCKY and MANDALAH.