GRAiNEY PICTURES was hired by Content & Co to create an original social media driven branded web series for Schick to help promote the launch of their Hydro razor. The Sibs created, wrote & directed the concept, and the GRAiNEY team also implemented the social media casting, filmed the pilot episodes (in Hawaii and Canada), and produced/edited the entire 12 episode series that filmed across the US. Working with DP Hugh Bell & Aerial Cinematography by Freefly, GRAiNEY aimed to raise the bar for original web content. The action in each location was designed to further engage localized social media activity. Episodes were then released weekly through Sony Crackle & Playstation, with an additional social media / blogger marketing campaign. Voted "best branded series" by Fast Company, the acclaimed series was picked up by Fuel TV for two seasons (2011-2013).