Being Canadian (feature doc sizzle)

Being Canadian Official Trailer from Candy Factory Films on Vimeo.

"BEING CANADIAN" chronicles the real-life quest of Robert Cohen, a proud Canadian, who sets off on a genuine and hilarious cross-Canada journey to prove, once and for all, that his beloved country is more than just lame stereotypes involving maple syrup and Mounties. Imagine "Sherman's March," but wearing a toque.

In this pseudo scientific, tongue-in-cheek feature documentary, Rob Cohen embarks on a cross Canada trip, interviews a ton of awesome Canadians (Michael J. Fox, Will Arnett, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Alanis Morissette, Russell Peters, Paul Shaffer, Howie Mandel, Jason Priestly, William Shatner, Malcolm Gladwell, etc), along with some super funny Americans (Ben Stiller, Conan O'Brien, Kathy Griffin) to find out what it really means… Being Canadian.