Advocacy Montage

GRAiNEY PICTURES has a long track record in social justice films & advocacy campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, entertainment clients, government agencies & NGO’s. As storytellers, we always aim to find new and inspiring ways to shed light on important issues and initiatives. Our commitment to social action includes PSAs for Myanmar and Katrina relief, UNICEF’s TAP water project, and filming the Palestinian Presidential elections for Israeli/Palestinian democracy movement One Voice. We are well versed in celebrity driven content, and filming in remote, impoverished or war torn communities around the globe. Filmmakers The Sibs have won numerous awards and are respected industry speakers, writers and thought leaders in this arena. They were Knighted by the Hungarian Government for their work on people power feature doc Freedom’s Fury, were moderators for the Attorney Generals conference on Human Trafficking, and featured panelists at the U.S. State Department’s Sex Trafficking conference.